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How to Connect Mailchimp to Your Facebook Page

When people visit your Facebook page, it is a great opportunity to capture their attention, and get them to sign up for your newsletter.  Luckily, Mailchimp makes it easy to connect your sign up form to your Facebook page.

In order to integrate your Mailchimp sign up form with your Facebook page, you first need to make sure that you have administrator access to the Facebook page.  The connection to Mailchimp first occurs through your personal Facebook account, and then you can select which Facebook page you want the sign up form to show up on.

The goal of this tutorial is to get your Facebook integration with Mailchimp set up so that people can sign up for your newsletter.  Additionally, if you choose, you can automatically post your campaigns to Facebook once you’ve completed this integration. Read More

Why Your Website is a Dud at Bringing in New Business

why your website isn't bringing in new businessIn the past few years, advances in website technology have made it easier to create websites. But, it is not so easy to create a company website that can bring in business.

Most business owners don’t have time to become experts in digital marketing. Yet, it is tempting for them to try and save some money by doing it themselves.  Or worse, they turn the design and development of the company website over to their brother-in-law. Consequently, there are a lot of bad websites out there causing companies to lose business.

Some people don’t realize that they can actually get business from their website.  They think of their website as a tool that only gives their company validity when someone looks them up online.

Other people think the reason their phone isn’t ringing is they aren’t getting enough traffic. These people wouldn’t hire an expert to design their website yet they will pay for ads and search engine optimization services from shady offshore companies. Unfortunately, they eventually see that Read More

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?


What is a mobile friendly website and why should you care? In February of this year, Google announced that starting in April they are going use "mobile device friendliness" as a new variable in their search ranking algorithm. If you care about how … Read More

Organizing WordCamp Atlanta 2015


In 2011, my WordPress developer friend, Russell Fair and I were asked by WordPress Foundation to organize WordCamp Atlanta. We were targeted, I mean chosen, because we were both active in the local WordPress community hosting Meetup Groups and spoke … Read More

What to do about Copyrighting your Copywriting

Content red round grungy vintage rubber stamp

This week after I wrote about content mistakes on websites, Karen wrote me from Great Blue Pools  with a question. She asked: .....  if I put all my content on the blog vs a pdf page, how can I make sure my website content is protected from … Read More

Five Copywriting Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


I love the fact that WordPress allows people to update their own websites without calling a web designer. If you are someone who is responsible for putting words on a website, here is a list of common website copy mistakes to avoid so that you look … Read More

Doing What You Love

do what you love-rect

Have you discovered your unique talents and gifts? Do you make time to practice them? This weekend my husband and I hosted a guest at our Bed and Breakfast who came to town for a yoga-chanting workshop. This delightful woman, in her mid-forties, … Read More

Step Away From The White Horse

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.02.24 AM-2

You know those times when the little voice in your head tells you to walk away from a situation, you know is fraught with difficulties, but you don’t listen? No matter how far I have come or how much I have learned, On occasion, I find myself … Read More

How Entertaining a Seabird Relates to Your Home Page Content


Four years ago, when we upgraded our New Tricks website, I made some decisions that are no longer working for us. First, I decided to have a blog style home page because it was the format most bloggers used.  And I am a blogger. But, unlike most … Read More

You’ve Launched your Website Now What ? 2015-02-17 10-25-36

You've launched your business website. You like how it looks, your home page messaging seems on target and then crickets…… "Build it and they will come" is a nice idea but I'm afraid it's going to take a bit more work than that. Seems silly to … Read More

Effective Websites Require More Than a Pretty Design

effective websites require more than a pretty design

One of the hardest challenges web designers face is helping clients create effective websites that actually convert users into customers.  It is not enough for a site to have a nice design. Our real work is to provide a platform that will build … Read More

Plant the Seeds Today For Your Miracle Tomorrow

plant the seeds today for your miracle tomorrow

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is miracle. - Albert Einstein I just came across this quote which was timely since I feel like I just experienced a miracle. … Read More

Increase Newsletter Subscribers with Popupally


If you've been following me for long, or had a Talk it Out Session before, then you've heard me speak about using your website as the hub of your online marketing efforts. You've also probably heard me emphasize the importance of building a list, … Read More

How to Hug a Porcupine: Tips on Dealing With Difficult Clients

How to hug a porcupine

Sometimes in life we brush up against people who are hard to get along with. And since business is no different, we need to figure out how to deal effectively with more difficult clients. One of my favorite little books on the subject, How to Hug … Read More

Shelly Williams


"So, I thought I just needed some help with Word Press and I had gotten a few recommendations for Judi Knight. Well... after my talk it out session with Judi, I realized that I was selling my business short. Way short. We agreed to move forward with … Read More



Pecola, a new art boutique in Inman Park, is a concept that brings together art and fashion into a single store. Pecola offers both exhibits in their gallery as well as apparel and accessories. We are excited to launch their new website, and … Read More

Content Marketing: Be Who You Are


In business, as in life, it is much better to be who you are. I stumbled across a website this week for a web development company that someone asked me about. The website design was pretty bland, especially for a web development company; but even … Read More

Adore Hair Studio


We are excite to announce the launch of the new Adore Hair Studio website. With locations in both Inman Park and Decatur, they were voted one of the top 100 salons in the country by Elle Magazine. Shelly Williams, the owner of Adore Hair … Read More

Love Letters to Your Company

Love Letters

Whether I am thinking about working with someone, or looking for an AirBnB, I always read their customer reviews. I often ask my guests at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast to go on TripAdvisor and leave a review after their stay. But today I am … Read More

My Vote for Person of the Year

Maira Kalman walking shoes

Am I the only one, or are you also having trouble believing it is going to be 2015?  I remember seeing 2015 as my drivers license expiration date fifteen years ago and thinking that it was impossible that 2015 would ever be here. It seemed so very … Read More

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