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13 Signs of a Bad WordPress Website

13 Signs of a Bad WordPress WebsiteWas talking to a friend of mine about a WordPress website someone did at a company she works with and the programmer did not do such a hot job.

She said, “I thought WordPress was supposed to be easy!” I said, “Oh it is easy. It’s very easy . . . to make a bad WordPress site.”  What do I mean by bad?

Here are 13 signs of a bad dog WordPress website:

  1. The developer hard-coded elements instead of using native WordPress functionality thus making it impossible to maintain by the end user.
  2. Someone used 52 plugins to create the site and thirty of them each have you do something a little different so that no one can remember how to update different types of content on the site. Read More

Ticketing for Conferences and Festivals with Sched + Eventbrite

Ticketing for Conferences and Festivals with Sched + EventbriteI am helping a friend with her site for the Dirty South Yoga Fest, Dirty South Yoga Fest and we needed a solution that allowed people to buy a ticket to the event, and then let them sign up for their class choice for each of three time slots. For each time slot the ticket holders had a choice nine classes or less as certain classes filled up

We looked at several options but most were not seamless enough from the purchase the ticket to the select your classes steps.

Read More

What Other People Think of You . . .


What a week! One of my favorite sayings personally, as well as professionally when I was working as a therapist, is the quote: What other people think of me is none of my business. One of the highest places you can get to is being independent of the … Read More

Heartbleed Bug and WordPress Security


HeartBleed Bug By now you must have heard about the vulnerability that has existed for quite some time in supposedly secure websites that use Open SSL security. Many programs you use have been affected, and you should definitely change your … Read More

Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO to Attract Your Right Clients


Today, I spoke at a luncheon for the  Atlanta Chapter of The National Organization of Women Business Owners on one of my favorite topics, content marketing. Anyone who knows me realizes I am a fanatic about the power each of us has in this time and … Read More

Grow Your Business with Videos, Podcasts and Speaking Engagements


As you work on your online marketing for your business, writing blog posts and growing your email list will give you more exposure in your industry so that people will start asking you to speak at their events or be interviewed for a Podcast or web … Read More

Why Developing Grit Will Help You Achieve Extraordinary Success

What does it take to have a successful business? Some might say a degree, intelligence, connections, beauty, a great idea, money, technical ability, health, experience, or a mentor. And while all of those things might be nice to have, studies have … Read More

Don’t Get in The Way of Your Goals

The other day I had a meeting with a woman who had lost her job a year or so ago. Somewhere in the conversation, she told me that she was having trouble finding a job because people didn't hire you if you were old and fat. The thing is, she was not … Read More

Make Your Life Happier With Zapier


Sometimes I love technology, and Zapier just made me happier. Zapier is an interface application that enables easy connection to web apps in order to automate some pesky tasks. The types of interfaces it allows between applications would normally … Read More

301 Redirects and WordPress Under the Hood

wordpress files presentation

Last week at WordCamp Atlanta, I had major Internet connectivity issues during my presentation, WordPress Under the Hood.  I hated how I ended up bumbling through what I think is an important topic for people wanting to learn to customize WordPress … Read More

Make a Plan for Your Next Endeavor

Last week in my newsletter, I wrote asking whether you were a yes or a no person. The issue was people having a tendency to be one way or another and those who chronically say no block action and attain safety and those that say yes open themselves … Read More

Are You a Yes or No ?

WordCamp Atlanta 2014 is over for this year and I have to say it was a gigantic success. You won't find another tech conference with such a wide range of people of all ages, sexes and levels of experience who are willing and eager to connect and … Read More

Create an Easy Sign Up Form with Sign Up Genius


If you've hosted an event, or tried to coordinate a bunch of people on a volunteer effort then you know what an organizational nightmare it can be to get everybody on the same page. You probably had a million emails sent back and forth trying to … Read More

Atlanta WordCamp Heating Up

With WordCamp Atlanta just two days away, things are really starting to heat up. I have a great team and a strong community that helps to produce this event, and let me tell you, the third time is much easier than the first! Usually, sponsorship … Read More

Get Free Images for Your Posts

Getty Embeddable Images

 One of the things that stops people from blogging is the problem of getting images to go with their posts. Why do you need images? Having an images in your blog post is not only decorative, it actually helps the readability of the post as it … Read More

Secret to Easy Content Curation

I am an evangelist frequently preaching the importance of adding fresh content to your website. This is referred to as Content Marketing and one of your main vehicles for this type of marketing is your blog.  Each time you write a blog post, it is a … Read More

Isvari Yoga

isvari yoga

We recently had the pleasure of working with the talented Isvari Neverre on remaking her yoga and silk pillowcase websites. We started with her yoga website, which we re-branded as "Yoga, Therapeutics, Nutrition, and More."  We recreated her logo … Read More

Silk Pillowcases


We recently re-designed Silks by Isvari for our friend Isvari Neverre.  We started by transferring the website from to in order to enhance Isvari's search engine optimization. We re-branded the website for … Read More

Getting Started with WordPress Video Series

Now you don't have to pull your hair out trying to learn WordPress! I just put the finishing touches on my Getting Started With WordPress video series so you can learn with me at your own pace. I can't wait to show you how to get your own … Read More

20 Steps to Grow Your Online Business From Now to Wow

20S Steps to do List for Growing Your own Business

Many clients come to me with the same dilemma. Either they have started their own online business, or are interested in starting a business and do not how to take it from a good idea to it's highest potential. So, I have compiled a list complete with … Read More

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