End Social Media Overwhelm with HootSuite

Are you overwhelmed by social media? First of all remember that you do not have to do everything. Making a social media plan for your business is the first step to reclaiming your sanity.

I have a post that may be helpful to you on how to make a social media plan. Once you have a plan, there are some tools that can help you streamline your activities. One of these secret weapons is HootSuite. 

HootSuite is a free social media control panel application that you can download to your computer; you can also get a free mobile app to use away from your desk. It allows you to manage updates to your various social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn and others from one simple, clean interface. You can create streams, or columns of information, for each of your social media accounts. For example, in Twitter I can see one column of all the tweets of the people I follow streaming by. Another column shows me all of the Tweets where someone has mentioned me.

I think HootSuite provides a much easier interface to manage my tweets than Twitter does. So give it a try and see if Hootsuite makes managing your various social updates easier.

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