How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress ThemeAgentPress is a child theme of  the StudioPress Genesis Framework. It is a solid choice for a theme for a real estate website as well as when you need a site to display a variety of types of directory listings. Below is an explanation of child theme, directory sites, and a tutorial on how to install and set-up AgentPress theme.

Benefits of Using Child Themes

To use AgentPress, you upload the theme to your theme folder and activate it, but before it will work you must also have the parent theme, in this case, Genesis, loaded in your theme directory. The AgentPress child theme calls on and uses most of the files from the parent, Genesis theme. However, you make your changes to the child theme, in this case, AgentPress. That way when there are updates to WordPress and the parent, Genesis Theme, gets upgraded, you will not lose your customizations since you made them in the child. StudioPress will not upgrade a child theme using the same name so if they change the Child theme, they will give it a slightly different name so that you can still use the original child theme without fear of overwriting your changes.

What is Different About a Directory Site?

In order to do a proper directory style website, you need more control over the data collection and display of the listings than a regular post or page gives you. A regular post format does not have a clean and simple way to specify and collect a variety of meta data about that post. For example, if you are using posts category for job postings, you want the title of the job, the salary range, the qualifications needed, the job field category and the contact information for the lister. Yes, you could do this in a post, but it would not be clean and consistent across the posts and it would be a bear to display properly. What’s more,  your job seekers would not be able to easily query the database to find the postings that are relevant to them.

Sometimes, you can get by with using custom fields but this is not an elegant solution and is cumbersome for the end user to maintain. You could also create this same effect by creating your own custom post types and taxonomies. This is also awkward since it is not a straight forward task for most beginning and intermediate level WordPress designers, without a fair amount of PHP experience. It is easy to set up the custom post types but more difficult to be able to write the templates to display them properly which usually stops people in their tracks.

The majority of the listings functionality in AgentPress comes with the addition of the AgentPress Listings Plugin which is needed for it to work properly. The secret is that this AgentPress listings plugin can be used to add this functionality to any of the Genesis child themes! We recently created a listings site for a company that reps furniture manufacturers using the Executive Child theme and the AgentPress Listings Plugin.

We used AgentPress 1.0 for some of our real estate clients, The Stove Works and Stowers and Company.  We have also recently used AgentPress 2.0 to build a website featuring builders of tiny houses, The Small House Guide.

We have included step-by-step instructions and tips on how to easily start your own listings website using the AgentPress child theme and created a demonstration website for this tutorial:

Jump To Any Step With The Links Below
1) Purchase/Download Genesis Theme & AgentPress Child Theme
2) Install Genesis and AgentPress to Your WordPress Website
3) Install the Necessary AgentPress Add-On Plug-ins
4) Setting up Your Listings’ “Categories” with Taxonomies and Taxonomy Terms
5) Add New Listing and Add a Main Image
6) Add Terms to Your Taxonomies
7) Adding Property Details (Only Necessary for Property Listings)
8) Preview your Listing, and Publish It
9) Add jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries to Display Fancy Additional Photos
10) Setting Up Featured Listings & Listings Search Widgets on the Home Page
11) How to Change the Property Details Section
12) Adding the Genesis Slider to the Home Page & Adding Slides
13) Setting Up Your Blog Page
14) Setting Up Your Main Navigation Menu

1)Purchase/Download Genesis Theme & AgentPress Child Theme

You can purchase Genesis theme and AgentPress child theme here. Follow the instructions to complete the purchase and download both Genesis and AgentPress.

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

2) Install Genesis and AgentPress to Your WordPress Website.

I’m assuming that you have WordPress installed on your hosting account, if not, you can follow these instructions to get started with Bluehost. If WordPress is installed and you can access your dashboard, you’re ready to install Genesis theme and the AgentPress child theme.

2A) In your WordPress dashboard go to the left menu and navigate to Appearance>Themes and, up at the top,  select “Install Themes.”

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

2B) Click “Upload” and then “Browse.” You’re going to want to install Genesis theme first, so browse to and select (your file name may look different depending on the version of Genesis). Click “Install Now,” wait for the install, and then click “Activate.”

2C) Repeat steps 2A & 2B but instead of Genesis, browse to and select the .zip file for your AgentPress theme. Choose to activate the newly installed AgentPress child theme. This will activate AgentPress as the child theme and will keep Genesis as the parent theme.

3) Install the Necessary AgentPress Add-On Plug-ins

There are two absolutely critical AgentPress plug-ins: AgentPress Listings and Genesis Slider. You should install both of these, and it’s usually easiest to do this from within the dashboard.

3A) From your WP Dashboard, Navigate to Plugin>Add New. Insert “AgentPress Listings” to the search box, and click “Search Plugins.”

Install AgentPress Listings Plugin

3B) AgentPress listings should be the first things that comes up, click “Install Now.”

Install Agent Press Listings

3C) Wait for the Plugin to install and then click “Activate Plugin.”

3D) Repeat step similarly to 3A-3C to install the Genesis Slider plugin.

4) Setting up Your Listings’ “Categories” with Taxonomies and Taxonomy Terms

Before you get to adding your listings/products you’re going to want to add your categories for your listings to fit in by using taxonomies. If you’re setting up a real estate website this is where you’d put bedrooms, bathrooms, sq. feet etc. I’m going to use a rare record collection website as my example so, in that case, these taxonomies would be things like format, era, and record label. Using these taxonomies for your listings will allow your website to be searched easily by format, era and record label.

4A) In your WP dashboard sidebar menu select Listings>Register Taxonomies. Add your taxonomies one by one following the rules for each field (make sure not to use capital letters, spaces, or special characters in the slug!).

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme
4B) Now you can add terms to each of your new listing taxonomies. For example: for my taxonomy Record Labels, I would add terms that are record labels who put out some of the records in my collection. You can do this by navigating to the newly created taxonomy’s page. If you created “Record Labels” as a taxonomy, it should say “Record labels under “Listings” in the menu. From there you can add your Record Label terms. However, it is easier to just add these terms as you create listings in the next step.

5) Add New Listing and Add a Main Image

5A) Navigate to Listings>Add New. Start your new listing by titling it. For a real estate website, these would be your properties. For my demo record collection website, the listings would be the individual records in my collection.

5B) You should next upload the main image for your listing. You do this by clicking the media uploader icon (the camera/music notes above the bold &  italic buttons). The media upload window will open, and you drag your image file into the box. You probably want to hit “none” for the “Link URL.” Next, click “Use as featured image” and then “Insert into Post.” The image will be placed into the listing content area where you can add additional text.

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme


6) Add Terms to Your Taxonomies

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme Click the “Add New your taxonomy”  button. Because the listing I’m creating is a Beatles Album, I will be adding “LP” to my taxonomy “Format.” When you add a new taxonomy you’ll notice that the taxonomy becomes checked. This associates that particular listing to the new term you created for your taxonomy. As you add more posts, you’ll see the previous “terms” are already created for your taxonomies and you can just check them off instead of recreating them each time.

7) Adding Property Details (Only Necessary for Property Listings)

7A) Add the Custom Text. This will display on the featured image when viewing property thumbnails.

7B) Fill out the price, address, square feet etc. Make sure to place your blinking line into the content editor where you want to add the property details, and click “Send to text editor.” This will put a shortcode into your content that will display these property details.

7C) If you want to add a map or video (for a virtual tour) you can put a map or video embed code into their respective boxes and click “Send to text editor.”
How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

8) Preview your Listing, and Publish It

8A) You can click “Preview” in the top right of the Listing edit screen to view the listing before it.

8B) If you preview looked okay, click “Publish” to publish your listing.

9) Add jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries to Display Fancy Additional Photos

The jQuery Lightbox for Native Galleries plugin is a great looking, simple way to display additional thumbnails that open up into larger images. It’s very easy-the thumbnails are re-sized automatically to fit well within your post. Here is an example of a 3 column gallery.
How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme
9A) Follow the instructions in Step 3 to download and activate jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries.

9B) To add these additional photos to your listing click the Upload Media Button in the edit listing page.

9C) Drop all the additional photos that you want to display into the add media box.

9D) Within that window, navigate to the Gallery section. You’ll see “Gallery Settings.” Customize these settings and click “Insert Gallery.” This will insert a shortcode that looks like “gallery link=…” into your content editor. You can move this code within the content editor to change where the additional photos are displayed.

10) Setting Up Featured Listings & Listings Search Widgets on the Home Page

10A) Navigate to Appearance>Widgets. Drag the “Featured Listings” widget from the “Available Widgets” into the “Properties” section on the right hand side.

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

10B) Once you drop “Featured Listings” into “Properties” click the down disclosure arrow, give the featured listings section a name, and specify how many listings you’d like to feature. Make sure to click save.

10C) Now we are going to set up the “AgentPress – Listings Search” widget on the homepage. From the same widget screen, grab the “Listings Search” widget from available widgets and drag it into “Property Search.” Next name the search, select the taxonomies you want to include in the search, set the button text, and save.

10D) Go to your home page to see and test the widgets you’ve just added. Below is the home page of my record collection demo website as of now. It is still missing a the genesis slider as well as some optional widgets we can add–I will get to this after we fix the Property Details.

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

 11) How to Change the Property Details Section

If you aren’t using AgentPress for property listings, then it makes no sense to have the property details list things like address, price etc.. And, as you notice in the screenshot of my homepage above, there are commas where the title of the records should be. This is because the listings are automatically displayed with their address as the identifier. We can fix this by changing the property details to say things like “artist + album” instead of “Street.”       ***THIS REQUIRES EDITING PHP AND IS ADVANCED, ALWAYS BE VERY CAREFUL EDITING PHP***

11A) Navigate to Appearance>Editor and click on “functions.php” on the far right. This will bring up the functions.php–make sure to save a copy of it before you edit in case you make any mistakes.

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

11B) In “functions.php” you’re going to want to look for a code to edit that looks something like this:

* Filter the property details array.
function agentpress_property_details_filter( $details ) {

$details[‘col1′] = array(
__( ‘Price:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_price’,
__( ‘Address:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_address’,
__( ‘City:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_city’,
__( ‘State:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_state’,
__( ‘ZIP:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_zip’
$details[‘col2′] = array(
__( ‘MLS #:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_mls’,
__( ‘Square Feet:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_sqft’,
__( ‘Bedrooms:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_bedrooms’,
__( ‘Bathrooms:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_bathrooms’,
__( ‘Basement:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_basement’

return $details;


11C) You can change the property details by editing the name of the details in the code above. I am changing “Address” to “Artist + Album” because the “Address” field is the one that displays as the identifier in your listings archive and I want both the album and the artist to be displayed in that first line where, currently, just the street address shows.
__( ‘Artist + Album:’, ‘apl’ ) => ‘_listing_address’,

Now that we’ve changed that field, we can add the artist & album information into each of our property details section for our listings. Now the artist and album will display any place that shows some variation of the listings archive. For example:

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

11D) If you notice in the picture above the archive listings look much better with names underneath them, but the comma “,” is on the second row where the “City, State” would be. We are going to remove this section using CSS. Navigate to Appearance>Editor and your “style.css” file should come up. Scroll to the bottom and add this code to remove the second line, including the comma.
.listing-city-state-zip {
    display: none;
This looks great, but we may also want to give the title a little bit of padding on the bottom so it’s not so close to the view listing button. Copy and paste the following code to add 5px of padding to the bottom of the listing title.
.listing-address {
    padding: 0 0 5px;

11E) If you notice in the “Featured Records” picture above, even though I am using my listings for Records, the button underneath says “View Listings.”  We can change this to “View Records,” or whatever you’re using listings for. Simply navigate to Appearance>Editor and open up the functions.php file again. ***Always Be Very Careful Editing PHP!*** in that file simply search (command-F on mac ) for “View Listing.” There is only one instance of “View Listing” in that .php file. For my record site I changed get_permalink(), __( ‘View Listing’, ‘apl’ ) ); to get_permalink(), __( ‘View Record’, ‘apl’ ) ); , only changing the word “Listing” to “Record.” Make sure to save the .php file.

12) Adding the Genesis Slider to the Home Page & Adding Slides

12A) Drag the “Genesis Slider” widget into the “Slider” widget box similarly to how we added the “Featured Listings” widget in step 10A

12B) Create 3-5 pages that will act only to hold the slides you want to use. Edit 3 images to 590px wide by 300 tall (this is the default size for the slider images) and upload them to the content area, only one on each page. Mark each of the pages “post ids”–you’ll need them in 13C). You can find the post ids by looking in the URL while on the “edit page” page. For example you can see the post ID in for this URL’s page is 28:

12C) Navigate to Genesis>Slider Settings. Set the content type to pages. Set the include/exclude to include and add the post IDs for the pages you just created–this will display the pages we just created in the slider. Set the slider width to 590 and the height to 300. I have selected not to link the slider image to the page, and not to display the title or the content. Here’s a screenshot of my slider settings:

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

13) Setting Up Your Blog Page

13A) Navigate to Pages>Add New. Name the page blog, news & updates, events, or whatever you are going to be using the blog for. Look on the right side below the publish box, you’ll see the “page attributes” box. Look for “Template” and switch it to the blog template. Publish the page.

14) Setting Up Your Main Navigation Menu

Now we will add the main navigation menu to our website. We will add the home page, a page that shows all listings, and the blog page.

14A) Navigate to Appearance>Menus. Name a new menu something like “MainNav” and click “save” to create that menu.  On the left in the ” Primary Navigation Menu” box select the menu you just created and click save.

How to Install and Set-Up AgentPress Theme

14B) Add pages to your newly created menu by selecting the pages you want to add in the “Pages” box on the same menu page (you’ll notice “listings” isn’t a selectable page, 14C will cover adding the listings). Once you have selected the pages click “Add To Menu.” You’ll notice tabs with the names of the pages you just selected have appeared in your menu. Make sure to save the menu, and you will see your new menu on your home page.

14C) You can add a page of all of your listings to the menu by going to the home page. Once there, use the listings search widget you created earlier. Search without adding any taxonomies selections to see a page with all of your listings. Copy the URL of that page. Go back to the Appearance>Menus page and look for the “Custom Links” box. Paste the URL in there and give the link a name such as “All Listings.” For my example I will be using “All Records.” Click add to menu and save the menu. Go to your website and you should see your new menu under the header.

If you have any questions about on how to install and set-up AgentPress Theme please feel free to comment below–we’d be happy to help.

About Michael Earley

Michael lives in Atlanta, loves music and Intown living. At New Tricks he does graphic design and WordPress. He is a fantastic speaker and very patient trainer. Plus, he's a helluva nice guy.


  1. how do you put the "Search Record Collection" after the slider?
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    • Michael Earley says:

      If you are talking about the Search box to the right of the slider you go to your widgets and add "AgentPress – Listings Search" as a widget to your "Property Search" widget section. You can name the Widget and fill in your search "button text."
      Does that answer your question? If not, could you be more specific and I'll do my best to help.
      Thanks for checking out the tutorial!

  2. hi michael
    i found it ..just like you said it is on the widget area
    thanks for your help
    I really appreciate it
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  3. If you are paying extra for IDX, do you still have to enter listings manually for the AgentPress theme?

  4. Michael Earley says:

    There are several plug-ins that help integrate IDX with AgentPress.
    I have not done it myself so I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable about the process.
    Below are a couple of links that might help, Good Luck!

  5. Hi guys!

    You don't *have* to create your own listings if you have a plugin that pulls in the IDX content, but it would behoove an agent, or someone working on behalf of an agent, to do so.

    There are various IDX solutions, and what is available for a given market varies. It's been a few months since I checked into plugins and other solutions, but there were two main weaknesses that I found. The first was in solutions that don't really integrate with the site – they host the content on a different server. This is what IDXBroker does. The other is in solutions that provide limited – or no – ability to style the content so it jives with the rest of the site. IDXBroker suffers a little bit in this area as well.

    With AgentPress, we can set up the listing format so it showcases the property the way we think best. Only one of the IDX solutions I checked into – dsIDXpress – integrated in such a way that the IDX listings looked exactly like the agent-created listings. The deal breaker for my client was that at the time her market was not covered by dsIDXpress and it would have been insanely expensive to get them to add it.

    Offering the IDX listings was important, though, because if one of the agent's listings don't quite fit the bill, the prospective buyer has many more to choose from via IDX, even if they aren't quite as pretty. And obviously, all this content comes in effortlessly once it's set up – a whole lot less work than creating individual listings via AgentPress. But for an agent's own listings, the work involved offers a greater payoff so I would presume he/she would want to show those listings in the best possible light.

    In the end, IDXbroker was the solution my client chose. They do offer a way to use CSS to style their content. But it is via their interface so it's not as quick and easy as simply updating a style sheet, and no matter what you do it will look different since the content areas, maps, etc., are just different than what is set up in AgentPress.

    Hope this helps. If you want to talk more about it I'll be at the WordPress meetup next week.

  6. Excellent post. Thank you very much. This is about as clear as I've ever seen any tutorial/guide and I am ecstatic after going through the steps and coming up with a finished site. You saved me an entire day!

    Thank you!
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  7. This is great information! Thank you so much.

    Can you help direct me on how to change the "COMMUNITIES" label that automatically appears on the Communities widget area? Or can this be done?

    Thank you!

    • Lisa,

      Good question.
      You're going to want to edit the home.php file in your AgentPress Two files.
      **CAREFUL EDITING PHP–One typo can make your site crash**
      You can navigate to there by going to appearance>editor and selecting home.php

      You're going to want to find a code that looks like this:
      if ( is_active_sidebar( 'communities' ) ) {
      echo '<div class="communities">';
      echo '<h4>' . __( 'Communities', 'agentpress' ) . '</h4>';
      dynamic_sidebar( 'communities' );
      echo '</div><!– end .communities –>';

      And change the name here;
      echo '<h4>' . __( 'CHANGENAMEHERE', 'agentpress' ) . '</h4>';

      Save the newly edited home.php and refresh your homepage. The change should be reflected in the communities "featured page" widget.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you need anymore help

    • Lisa,

      Good question.
      You're going to want to edit the home.php file in your AgentPress Two files.
      **CAREFUL EDITING PHP–One typo can make your site crash**
      You can navigate to there by going to appearance>editor and selecting home.php

      You're going to want to find a code that looks like this:
      if ( is_active_sidebar( 'communities' ) ) {
      echo '<div class="communities">';
      echo '<h4>' . __( 'Communities', 'agentpress' ) . '</h4>';
      dynamic_sidebar( 'communities' );
      echo '</div><!– end .communities –>';

      And change the name here;
      echo '<h4>' . __( 'CHANGENAMEHERE', 'agentpress' ) . '</h4>';

      Save the newly edited home.php and refresh your homepage. The change should be reflected in the communities "featured page" widget.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other problems.

  8. Thammy Zulu says:

    I installed the theme successfully sometime back. But I did not use it for property listing. The challenge with this is that it's not mobile responsive. 1. Is it possible to replace it compatible theme and not loose its features or 2. Change it and make it mobile responsive?
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  9. Hi Michael, do you have any idea on how to add another fields in the Property Details?

  10. papashango says:

    Hi, Mike! Great tutorial. I got my site with the AgentPress theme up and running.

    I noticed that the theme demo shows the Primary and Secondary Navigation menus having drop down functionality. I went to Genesis > Theme Settings > Navigations Settings and found check boxes for "Enable Fancy Dropdowns" for both the Primary and Secondary Navigation settings; however, I can't figure out where to add the links for the dropdowns.

    Thanks for all your help, Mike!

    • Try Appearance Menus. It is the best thing ever or make one called Main and select it as the primary nav, then add pages or posts or categories to the menu and rearrange them as parents and children. Google for how to create WordPress Menus post 3.0.

  11. Gee man I was stunned that you used The Beatles for this tutorial kudos.

    Anyways.. I understand how to use the Widget area to make my website look a lot like the AgentPress Demo site.. however, although I already filled the widget up with their respective plugins my home page still is blank.. can you help me with this one Michael.


  12. This theme plugin combo is really not ad great as many say – if you are looking for an out of the box solution you will run in to major problems.

    I have written a post on how to fix a lot of them – including ordering listings by price here:

    Good Luck!

  13. Hey Michael,

    Here is my site:

    I'm trying to exact search result from the property search box but it is not giving me that result. Like, if I search for properties under "For Sale", then it is showing me all the listings I have added in my site. Can you help me to overcome this problem. I am not that tech person so totally confused with what to do now.

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  14. Thanks! Agentpress really is a great theme. I also would love to explore the other child themes from Studio Press.

  15. Kristen says:

    Like bo4610 above, I know I've filled in all the widget areas correctly, but my Home page is blank. Then, once I created a Blog page, the Slider and Property Search widgets appeared there! I've tried undoing and redoing and renaming, but the Slider and Property Search boxes only work on the blog page. What am I missing? Thank you!

    • michael says:

      Kristen, AgentPress theme uses the blog page as the home. Try looking at Settings>Reading and selecting "Front page displays: Your latest posts." That will make the widgets be on the home page and you can add "Genesis – Featured Widget Amplified" to a home page widget area so your blog posts will show up there as well.

      Does this answer your question?

  16. hi I want to create a page where it only shows one categories which I successfully created, my problem is it only shows one post in each page and it's in numerical form , I want all post to show on that page not a single posts . How could I do that. Please help I am lost.

  17. Hello!

    I have a few questions. Why doesn’t my listing page contain the following:

    -images don’t pop up in a preview window (I set it to link to media file)

    -I embedded google map but it doesn’t stretch across the column

    -‘property details’ doesn’t show in theme font

    Please see here:

    Thanks so much!

  18. Hello!

    I would like to know why my photos don't pop up in a window (I selected link to media file), why my map doesn't take up the full column, or why my 'property details' title doesn't show up in the theme font.

    Please see this sample page:

    Thanks so much!

  19. novice kk says:

    I wish I had come upon your post 1 week ago.. it's so easy to follow your instructions and do the 'tweaking'
    I have spent a week figuring out how to setup Agentpress and had many 'hit & knocks' …

    Now I have a big problem. When I create a page/post/listing and need to 'Add Media', it's not longer the Agentpress Add Media page that pop-up.(there is link to upload any media file). So my blog is useless if I cannot upload any media
    According to the studiopress support, it's the default WordPress media uploads screen. It is not a part of their theme. They can't do anything.

    It seems that the Agentpress Add Media screen disappeared. I have re-installed my theme again but it didn't work.

    Plse advise.

  20. I must say without any doubt that this is the best real estate theme that I have ever used. I am glad I bought this. And btw the IDX plugin is very useful as well.

  21. Very helpful information. Thank you for taking the time to share. My question is this. I have an agentpress website and I have made taxonomies for my properties that are: Available – Under Contract – Sold.

    When you click on my properties tab it brings up a page of all my properties – my question is:

    Is there some way to instruct that page to show Available properties first, followed by Under Contract, then Sold.

    Please – I'm not very computer literate so a simple answer would be appreciated.

    • Michael Earley says:


      There isn't an easy way to do this without getting into editing the .php code of your Agentpress plugin.
      If you have a taxonomy for available, under contract, and sold, pages will automatically be created to display each taxonomy selection. So for example, you could find the URL for the page that display just the available properties (go to the back end and look for listings>your taxonomy and find the taxonomy option for "available properties" and click "view" that will take you to a page showing just the available properties, copy the URL of that page) Add that URL as a custom link in your menu and then when people go to that page they can see just the available properties. You can do the same thing for Under Contract and Sold properties. If you need any further help feel free to let us know. Thanks

  22. I noticed that quite a few Agent Press sites have mostly white space – with that in mind, how do I delete the solid blue colors in the header, footer and vertical edges on the side of the content?

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  23. Thanks for this very comprehensive and well explained post, its really helped me get to the grip with this theme, I have previously used the news and lifestyle themes but liked the widgetised nature of the agentpress theme.

    Thanks again Michael, maybe you might like to take a look at my site to see the result of following your post Best wishes Heather
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  24. My question is along the same lines as Cynthia,
    I want one page that lists all of my properties (like this guy's
    How do I do this?
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  25. Ho do I setup using the taxonomies, to display:
    Properties for rent on one page and properties for sale on another

  26. Hi

    Please tell me, how can I change the footer copyright link and theme link?

    Please help

  27. Hi Judi – If I completely remove the word “communities” without replacing it will that crash the site?

  28. Anuroopa says:

    Thanks you for the great tips which have helped with the Real estate site I am working on.

    however, I am still trying to figure out if it is possible to replace the labels for the property details with images.

  29. We are just finishing up a project for an agent using this template. We used the dsIDXpress plugin to create automated MLS for the client. It took a bit of customization to build it in so that it was seamless, but ultimately was easily handled. Onlookers now only see the agent’s listings vs ALL listings. We broke this down in to both For Sale and For Rent categories. We attempted to do contracted, but broke the code doing so (found a bug). dsIDXpress is working to fix this bug we found. I’m guessing they’ll have it fixed shortly, if they haven’t already.

    All-in-all, it was a good solution and the IDX worked pretty well. Check it out if you’d like (it’s still in dev, for the moment, so please be nice as we continue to work).

  30. I download the theme, genesis, etc. but I do not see a “zip” file to use to upload to wordpress (sorry, I’m a novice). I’m using a mac. Majority of files in the folders are .php. Which file do I upload?

    • Tyler, If you are downloading the theme you will get a zip file and it may have other things in that file so you then have to open that zipfile to find the actual zipfile of the theme itself.


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