How to Streamline an Event Sign-Up

When you are putting on a paid seminar for your business, there is a process to go through so that your prospects will be able to hear about your offer, find out more about it, sign up, pay for it, and then have their contact information go to a MailChimp list so they can receive updates about the event.

Here is how you do it.

Landing Sales Pages
Create a sales landing page on your website. This is a page that only contains information about the offer without distractions such as sidebars. You will write compelling copy, describing why someone would want to take your seminar and offer testimonials and guarantees (example: ). There are many online tutorials which will give you tips for this type of writing such as this post from Copyblogger.  I created my landing page using a premium WordPress plugin, Premise, made by the folks at Copyblogger.  The cost $165, but it gives your WordPress site a lot of added functionality. It even includes online copywriting help.

Signup Forms
Your words will lead them down the page where there will be a signup form. We suggest using Gravity Forms, a super easy to use, premium WordPress plugin. You will want to link your form to Paypal and to MailChimp which means you will need the developers license at $199. The form you create then can be linked to your Paypal account so that when people register, they can fill out the form and pay all in one step. Then, if you have the developer’s license for Gravity forms, you can also have their form information automatically funneled into one of your MailChimp lists. This allows you to keep track of your attendees and also send them out updates about the event. I always let people know on my sign up form that they will also be added to my newsletter. When someone fills out the form and pays, they will receive a notification that they signed up and a receipt from Paypal confirming payment.

Let People Know About Your Offer
It is best to get the word out about your event in several ways. I suggest that you create an enticing e-mail to send to your list with a link to your Sales Landing page. It does not have to be very detailed. Provide enough information to have them click to the link if they are interested in finding out more. You should also let your followers on Twitter and Facebook know and ask them to share the information. Be sure to include a short-link to your Sales Landing page.

It seems like a lot at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will use this method time and again for workshops and webinars and information products.

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