The Best in Breed Package

This package is for you if you are an entrepreneur or small business who:

  • is ready to make a commitment to create  a business website including a blog – that will get results. You realize that you will need consultation and design work to get there.
  • needs logo and branding  in order that the  site  presents your company,  your products and your services  in a manner which will have them noticed and convert visitors into sales.
  • needs logo and branding  for your company  that reflects your business which is necessary for creating an amazing and effective online presence.
  • wants a site that has the functionality to be the hub of your marketing activities. This package included setting  up and branding the other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages.
  • have very specific expectations, and are very exacting and detailed oriented. It  includes up to ten hours of our special attention to the creation of the perfect representation of your business as well as consultation hours for assistance with content development and marketing .

1. Talk it Out Session: Call us to discuss your requirements and get our input on the best way to present your business on-line.  We actually include a total of 4 hours planning  and coordination with you on your site specifications and its design.

2. Setup Hosting Account: Setting up you hosting account will cost you about $87.00 per year (the cost of hosting is not included in the package). WordPress sites have some special requirements in order to work the best, so we recommend Bluehost.  You will also get a free domain to use as your main or extra domain.

3. Install WordPress: We will install WordPress for you and configure it for optimum performance.

4. Premium  Plugins Package: “Plugins” extend the functionality of WordPress to do all sorts of cool extra things. Some make the whole site work better and some Plugins make widgets for your sidebar. Our Premium Plugin Package includes installation and configuration of the following:

  • All-in-One-SEO package to get you started with search engines.
  • Category Plugin: There are several different styles of category listings. We will choose one that reflects your needs.
  • WP-Spam Free or the premium plugin, Akismet (additional  5.00 per month charge from Automattic) protects you from spammer comments.
  • WP DB Backup to back up your database of all your great content. Or the premium plugin, Backup Buddy which backs up database and files (additional 50.00 per year)
  • Social Media to add follow me icons to the sidebar.
  • Sexy Bookmarks , Add to Any or Share and Follow different styles for sharing post content to all the social media sites.
  • Google Sitemap Generator also to help you with search engines.
  • Google Analyticator
  • Simple Facebook Connect and Simple Twitter Connect
  • WP Stats
  • Intense Debate or DisQus for making comments more useable and interactive.

5.  Configure Settings: Change site settings so that site works optimally.

6. Installation and Customization of Theme: The Best in Breed Package includes the installation of a premium theme.  We will help you choose the best theme for your site and will customize  it  up to 5 hours.

7.  Logo and Graphics: Create a branded logo and graphics for your site.  Includes up to 5 hours.

8.  Social Media Icons: Install Follow Me on Social Media sites icons on sidebar and Share This to Social Media sites buttons on the bottom of posts.

9. Ten pages: Home, About, Contact and seven other pages. I will add the content and images that you provide to me. If you do not have this content, I will make the page and you can add the content later. Our video will teach you how.

10. Your front page can be a ” blog” page or you can have a static home page with a “blog” page as one of your five pages. Blogs are great for search engine optimization and to make you look like you know what you are talking about. Much better to show people you are an expert than to tell them. A blog gives people a reason to return for all that updated goodness.

11.Contact form: We will include a contact form so people can fill it out and send it to you right then and there.

12. Input 5 Posts: We will input up to five blog posts with one image each and assign each post to a blog category.

13.  Input 5 Categories: We will input up to five categories.

14.  Widgets: We will add the following widgets to your sidebar, as well as others as they are needed:

  • Search
  • Follow Me with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS Icons
  • Recent Posts
  • Categories
  • Links

15.  MailChimp Account and Opt-in Setup: We will create a MailChimp account for you; install the sign-up on the sidebar of your site; and put a PDF that you create on the opt-in email that people will receive from MailChimp when they sign up for your list for up to one hour.

16.  Make and Submit SiteMap:

17.  Setup Gallery/Slide Show: We will set up a gallery or slide show with four images provided by you on your site.

18.  Configure SEO Plugin: We set up All in One SEO and get you started on attracting the search engines to your search terms.

19.  Video Website Training: We will give you a 30 minute video tutorial, which shows you how to get around in your admin section, write blog posts and pages, and how to add images and videos to your posts. We show you when to use posts and when to use pages. We also show you how to categorize and tag your posts.

20.  Auto-link to LinkedIn: Connect website to LinkedIn so that posts automatically go to LinkedIn.

21.  Create Facebook Fanpage: Setup Facebook fanpage with profile and a picture.

22. Auto-link to Facebook: Connect website to your Facebook Fanpage so that posts will get automatically put on Facebook.

23.  Brand Twitter Page: Customize Twitter page with logo and company info.

24.  Social Media Consulting: During and after the site is developed, we will provide four hours of social media consulting where we will help you with your social media networks and answer any questions that you have.

25. Set up HootSuite Account and configure it for you to use it to manage all your updates to Social Media sites from one location.

26.  Four Hour Consultation: We will meet with you for an additional four hours (on the phone or in person) to train you on how to work and navigate around your website and answer any questions that you have, as well as to get a clear understanding of what you want your website to be like before we start working on it.

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