Tweet argetingAt New Tricks we believe that if something seems like a pain in the bum, chances are someone has a simple trick to alleviate your pain.  When several of our clients mentioned that they have embraced Social Networking yet struggle to keep their different audiences updated, we knew exactly who to call for advice.

New Ticks is honored to have Andy ‘Gadget Geek’ Little as our inaugural guest blogger. Andy is a true renaissance dude when it comes to learning nifty New Tricks. His profile follows his kickin post.

So, you finally got on the bandwagon after succumbing to peer pressure.  Your face is on Facebook. You’re now tweeting with a regularity that borders on obsession.  You’re a Tumblr, are LinkedIn, have an, are on Plaxo, you publish one or more blogs… let’s just say you’re *connected*.  Problem is, how do you even bother to keep all of these networking sites updated regularly?  More over, you probably use the networks for different reasons.  I tend to use LinkedIn and Plaxo strictly for business, while Facebook is for general “friend” interactions, and Twitter is my micro-blog of choice (although that is changing as more and more businesses are adopting a Tweet model for communication).  Heck, even the was offering discounted tickets for their Twitter Followers.

My goal is, of course, to grow my network of cohorts, coworkers, colleagues, customers and clients, and to use social media applications where ever possible to stay connected to these groups.  I quickly noticed that the demographic for social media services seems to follow the same segmentation as my groups on these various media services.  Facebook is for friends, blogs are for business ventures (or family, or whomever depending on your blog), Twitter is more “techie”.  So, I don’t necessarily want to use the same status update or micro-blog post to all my social media apps, because I’m targeting different audiences.  Enter:

Here’s the gist in one sentence:  Add a social network, create groups of networks, ping an update to your groups, and updates your status  (or posts to your blog, depending on the network).  It’s really that easy.  With a list of 30+ social networks that range from blogs (Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal) to photo sharing (Flickr) to the 800 lb gorillas of social networking (Facebook, MySpace) to instant messaging (Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo) to location-based social media (Brightkite, Jaiku, Twitter)… yeah, it’s a pretty deep list.  Chances are you probably have an account on one or more of the social networks that can update for you.

So how easy is it?  Once you’ve authorized your account to each of the network services and set up your ping groups, you’re ready to post and that’s even easier:  you can post using the dashboard, e-mail, sms, or instant message.

You can attach photos or location information for social media applications that support those types of media.  You can use built-in short-cuts for posting to specific services, or create your own shortcut to one  or more services.  If you’re a subscriber, you can call Jott and speak your post.  Jott can transcribe your voice message to text, and email it to and it will be posted to your networks…but that’s another post.  For now, it’s time to build your network and target your messages, and just made that easier.

Tweet argetingAndy Little, a graduate of UNC Charlotte, is a Consulting Technical Manager at Oracle. Andy is an experienced Enterprise Architect for a wide array of business applications in the insurance, financial and healthcare sectors. He’s the go to guy for just about everything but specializes in systems integration and conversion with an emphasis in content management, publishing, imaging and workflow software implementation and customization. Andy’s professional interests include client/server, web services, software-as-a-service and enterprise design/implementation.

His Tech Specs include: Java, .NET, ASP/JSP, C/C++, OOP, XML/XSL, HTML, JavaScript, UI Design, SQL, design patterns/models, usability, integration, DBMS (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2), Web/Application Servers (WebSphere, Tomcat, IIS).

In real life, Andy and his wife, Stephanie, are the parents of adorable 2 and ½ year old twins, Devin and Maya. You can follow the family, Andy’s recipes,  his band “Hard Livin”, technology and daily life at his always lively blog, ‘A Little Slice of Life‘, on Twitter or Linked In

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